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About Me

Here For

Music,gaming,animation, music

Favorite Music
Rock,rap (the Gorillaz basically)

Favorite Movies
Dawn of the dead,Shaun of the dead,the interview,scream 1&2

Favorite Books
The stand,world war z,Odd Thomas.

Favorite Quotations
"" <---- these ones or "Do or do not there is no try..."-yoda starwars ep v

General About Me
I'm a bit of a nerd okay I lie BIG nerd, I'm bisexual and love to hug and cuddle sorry I'm not very sexual. I love watching movies and playing video games I read at night before bed because it's really calming. I really like listing to music on vinyl my first album is the Gorillaz plastic beach,well I hope that's enough for you to make hoepfully a good assumption on me really looking forward to meeting some of you :)

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