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Kendo, Horse-Riding, Art, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Soul Eater, Parasyte: The Maxim, Tokyo Ghoul, etc.

Favorite Music
Scottish Pirate Metal

Favorite Movies
Hot Fuzz, Citizen Kane, Wolf Children, Casa Blanca

Favorite Books
Kaspar: Prince of Cats, The Demonata Saga

Favorite Quotations
“Good. A woman who can fart is not dead.”

General About Me
Hi there fellow Furs! My name's Azlocke, and being terrible at rhyming is my game. Sorry for the stale joke! XD I'm a Young Brit here to make friends and become more involved in the Furry Community! I practise Kendo every weekend on Sunday and I do Horse-Riding every Wednesday with my Horse, Polo. :3 I'm also transitioning from Traditional Art to Digital Art and I'm looking for other Furs who may know a thing or two about that ;) Oh and there's some other stuff about me being aspergic and having ADD but PfffT! Nobody cares about that am I right? XD

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Jul 23rd 2015

I noticed your profile picture was broken and went and fixed it for you ^^

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