Everything's gone quiet again

  • Woo! Rave!




    • I'm glad to see you're still monitoring the site, unfortunately I think it's just us.

      Though I think we can still rave and get krunk dawg! Fo' shizzle Karishizzle!

      Also, we need to talk more, you seem like a really interesting guy but our communication thus far is limited to this site and Deviantart. Is there another site you use or another way I can contact you Master Karishad? X3

      • Sure. I should probably use my deviantart account more often. I haven't been very active online latley.


        You can see links to my other accounts on my profile.


        For your convenience i will copy-paste them here:


        Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+TheKarishad

        Youtube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6VlivgDXDdBAmizAwQ2A5Q

        Deviantart http://thekarishad.deviantart.com/

        SoFurry https://thekarishad.sofurry.com/



        • *cough cough* last post mothafuckas!!!!!!! *cough cough*.    nothin ta see here move along

          • No! Bad Mr Shockypuss man! I will have the last post! Viva La Azlocke~!

            • hmm trying to userp the glory of the last post are we? well  then i didn't think what to write past this point soooooooooo "milk milk lemonade round the corner fudge is made"

              • Well then I guess I shall partake of that fudge for it appears I'm the last one here, and I wouldn't mind washing it down with milk as I pour the lemonade all over my body. Tentacle Grape FTW!

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