Fellow Furz! Where Is You?! {INSERT SAD FACE HERE}

Alrighty then! Where is everybody? XD

I notice that this is a quiet site and that people share a few lines of dialogue and that's about it. We are here to either have fun or make friends so what's with all the silence, people? I'm taking initiative and making this... Discussion, Blog and or whatever the heck this is... *clears throat* So that we can all get to know one another and actually talk and be friends and help this website grow!

You see the comments section beneath the next paragraph? Use it! Use it to talk, to communicate!

We should all band together, sit down, and discuss either how we can make the site better or how we can navigate and talk to one another easier. Viva la Furry Fandom!



  • Yeah... This Site Is So Quiet...... :(

    I'll Try To Get On More Often To Chat. :3

  • I'm glad you agree, I never thought I'd find a furry site so quiet. Normally us furs are uplifiting and aloof! 

    But hey, thanks for being dedicated to the cause, however minor of a cause it may be. XD

  • iz also bored no ones done poop fer days

    THIS SIte NEEDS SOMETHING (maybe porn) ANYTHING (possibly porn) TO GET PEOPLE TALKING (hint hint; we need more porn) SOMETHING LIKE DISCUISSIONS (about porn) OR GALLERIES (of porn) AND MORE STUFF (if you haven't gotten it by now i'm referring to porn). but definitely not porn cause thats gross *wink wink*

  • You're not wrong (well you're wrong about the porn) but yeah, nobody has been on or done anything in days! I've been going back and forth waiting for replies, shows how much of a life I have. XD

    But do we really need the porn? There's not one furry site on the web that doesn't have any porn, wouldn't it be awesome if this site became popular for lack of anything like that? No Porn, No inflation, No vore, No feet, No giantesses (giant anthros aren't neccesarily porny) and etc.

    Buuuuuuut tentacle grape is fine, we should have more grapes on this website =3

  • For me its got to do with time, cause I got a youtube channel to start picking up the slack on, got forums I debate on for my favorite factions, and favorite characters, I've got to make sure that I dont get kicked out my nationstates, then also I gotta find a job. So its just a ton of little things. But I'll try and be on more bro.
  • I understand, man. But jeez, that much is happenin'? You've got alot on your plate that's for sure! But it's good to at least have you here on the website, you seem like another awesome person to talk to. I also hope you find a job! ^w^

  • Thanks man, and I hope so too, cause I really need one. Cause if I dont I'm going to have rely on getting into college, and even thats not a sure thing.

  • I think the main reason is that there isn't enough active members. The site has reached its member limit of 50 and i can't get it to go any higher till the site gets an upgrade :/

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