The site!

Greetings to all furries who have been so kind to join this site. :3

My name is Karishad and i'm the administrator of this furtastic site.

So far, there isn't much to see, but with YOUR help i'm sure this site could become AMAZING.


I've been looking for suggestions. What do YOU think could make this site better? Feel free to say whatever you like.

Do you think the site should look different? Comment what would make it better!

Do you find it difficult to upload art? Tell me and i'll make it easier!

Got some more tips to make this a better site? I'd love to hear them!


Thank you so much ^^




  • I just wanted to say, for a basic website, you've done a really good job at creating this site Mr. Shad! 

    In terms of the look, maybe you should make the page more cartoony, maybe a cartoon-ish snowy backdrop as that would be appealing to the majority of the community's child-like wonder and it'd be alot easier on the eyes without all of the clashing colors on a black background.

    Sorry, just wanted to help ^^;


  • Haha, i've never been called Mr. Shad before :P

    I like your ideas about changing the background. Do you think changing the background to an artic fox on a snowy landscape would be a good idea? I do think making it child friendly is a good idea but i don't want to make it too child friendly. I want this site to be for all ages.

    Thank you so much for your suggestions and if you have any more i'd be happy to hear them. ^w^

  • Seeing as your the site Administrator I thought I should address you more formally XD

    And thanks! I just thought a cartoonish background would really spruce the place up and make it more lively. I have no idea why but making the background black or realistic just doesn't agree with me, no offense, just personal preference. I'm just thinking about the Feng Shui ^^

    I did find this:

    If I come up with anything else I'll be sure to inform ya'! ;)

  • oh my gosh thats so cute! >///<

  • What's cute specifically? The drawing or me? XD

    Also, Miss DN, I just wanted to say that I love the artwork that you have posted, you're very talented ^^

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