the filthy wanker initiative

i require assistance in finding as many different ways to call someone a wanker.

Why? you ask. cause its fun to call people wankers


so yeah. if ya got anything poop it here for all the people who need to call someone a wanker. WANK REVOLUTION!!!



  • Nice to meet you MrShockyPuss, If you haven't looked at the Furries Around The World section, you'd know that I, Sir Lord Baron Von Azlocke The III is a true brit! You need help with wankers? How about, "Get a car you Bus Wankers!" or maybe "Go live in the city Animal Wankers!" or maybe a more subtle "Stop masturbating you Wanking Wankers!"

    And if Wankers doesn't cut it for you, might I recommend: Berk, Bugger, Chav, Git, Gobpooe, Muppet, Pikey, Tart, Plonker, Loo, Fanny and Bender?

    I hope that can satisfy you my Good Man ohohoho

  • Omg I can't say pooe?


  • I can't swear?! That's amazing! XD

  • wait a minute........ WE CAN'T SWEAR!!!!!!!

    what the feck!!!! this is a great injustice. i'll have to have a word to curry poo about this!!!!!!!!. i will fight for my right to call someone a Whore and threaten to rip their balls off.

  • Oh hey, we can say Whore, awesome sauce. Profanity will live on! Viva la cumbucket!

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